Christian Mosaic

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Christian Mosaics

Featuring "The Lord's Supper" Mosaic with YOUR church members included in.

Also available, "Jesus Knocking at the Door", "Bread & Wine", plus "The Face of Jesus". Each Mosaic is compiled with 500-1,000+ photos to complete different area colors of "The Lord's Supper", or whichever your church chooses. Each member is asked to bring in 1 to 3 photos of their choosing which they feels reflects them best. Once the photos are collected, they are scanned into a Flash Drive, downloaded into the Mosaic program and printed out to a sizing of your choosing! It's that easy! They are a GREAT way to carry your church family with you in a wallet size photo, or show them off to your company with an 8x10.

We even have 16x20's which is the size most churches purchase to place on an entryway wall.

Special Announcements

Our featured peice is the Lords Supper. We have Uniqualy created a replica of this fine historical peice of art and turned it into a Mosaic using photos of church members. However, thats not all we do... We can turn any photo you would like into an original peice of art, we do Birthdays, Graduations, Hollidays, anything, you name it, we can make it.

(given time and the photos of your choosing)

The Pope's Promo

Check out some of our sample Mosaics!!!

Many folks across the Globe have been blessed with one of our creative mosaic gifts of kindness. Our team sends out Random Acts of Kindness across the Globe on a monthly basis. We are spread out over every continent around the world bringing the message of bonding like family as the Children of God we claim to be. That being said, we focus mainly church member mosaics into one of the most famous dinners Christians wished they were a apart of when asked, "If you could be at any dinner in any lifetime, which would you chose and why?", "The Lord's Supper".

However, not all our creations are bound to the 3 main photos we work with. Below are a few examples we created to show you just how detailed these photos get. Some famous souls out there had mosaics created as gifts for them, even the most famous Prince boys: William & Henry, nicked-named, "Harry". In this group is also a wonderful lady named Linda Forsythe, who owns and runs "Mentors"; an online Magazine Featuring Many of the world's greatest Mentors and they advice they have to offer.
*Please Google Mentors Magazine for more information about Linda & her work!


Before & After:  Photos to Mosaics

Before                    ***                     After


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